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Hakuba Backcountry Guiding: what we offer.

Dear new and returning customers, we have a new name and website. For all bookings and enquiries, please visit our new home:

To help you enjoy the best of Hakuba backcountry in a way that suits you and your time in the valley we offer a variety of services.

Customised private guiding

This is a premium full-service guiding experience in Hakuba. We will consult with you to come up with a customised itinerary that suits you and your group’s skill and fitness level along with your objective in the backcountry. This service is best suited to private groups of friends or families who want specific terrain, perhaps access to a unique area or even extended overnight touring. Tell us what you like. We are the only guiding company in the valley offering 7 day a week private guiding. More details and inspiration.

Avalanche Courses (AST 1)

Hakuba Alpine Guides are certified CAA instructors and offer AST Level 1 and Level 2 courses in Hakuba. You always hear people telling others to "do an avie course!". Well, here is your chance. Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 & 2

Weather and Snow Stability

At all times we operate with a wide risk buffer, and this is fixed. Avalanche hazard and weather conditions dictate everything we do in the backcountry, and they are constantly changing. These variables may lead to changed itinerary plans or cancellation of a tour. In the event of cancellation we will try our hardest to re-schedule as soon as conditions permit, otherwise a full refund is available on request.